When you wear stretchy pants and have only one pair of jeans that you fit into and baggy sweatshirts hide your extra inches – you’re in a bad spot. A health crisis or close to one and probably a wardrobe nightmare which just depresses you more so you eat more, why not?

Say what? How did I get this big?

That was me 11 weeks ago. It was bad. I knew the weight was creeping up on me but I just denied it. Until one day right before my birthday I went to get dressed and realized I had nothing that actually fit. I got out of the shower, stepped on the scale and was mortified. I looked at the numbers and saw numbers I have only ever seen when carrying a child in my belly! Numbers I cannot even repeat out loud to myself. I had no excuse. No illness. No injury. Just bad choices and lack of exercise over the course of 3 to 4 years!

It was time to take control. Do something! My stack of “skinny jeans” missed me and boy was I dying inside to feel sexy and confident again. To fit into my jeans and be comfortable, to get dressed in the morning and wonder what to wear verses dreading getting dressed!  To look at a dress or cute top and think that it might actually fit me and yes look damn good on me too!

I sat in my bedroom in tears. In just a few short months I would be heading to the Caribbean on a Disney Cruise and how could I possible wear a bathing suit? How could I wear shorts and cute dresses and best of all, how could I feel comfortable in my own skin when I felt and looked like someone I did not know or recognize?  What was I going to do about this and where should I start? It dawned on me I would start with exactly what I would be asking bloggers like myself to review.  I would Cinch myself and see how the products tasted, how they made me feel and essentially if they worked. Genius!  How can I ask someone to try something that I haven’t committed to trying myself?

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I’m not going to give you a review of the Cinch products and tell you how the program works, what flavors I liked best and give 100% credit to weight and inch loss because of any one program or thing that I’ve done over the last 11 weeks. I will, however, tell you I believe that Cinch has significantly helped me get to where I am today. Like anything there are combinations of things that make a person succeed – at anything they do.  From walking extra steps each day, cutting calories, eating less junk and more fulfilling foods, cutting portions, moving more and yes programs such as Cinch and online support, and encouragement from friends and family AND so much more has helped me.  Most of all it has been my commitment and determination, I was in a place 11 weeks ago to say enough was enough!

If YOU Are Ready

So…my 2 cents about Cinch is this…if you need a program or system to help you stay on task…to fill you up, satisfy you and support you nutritionally with good shakes, meal bars, snack bars and supplements…hands down this could be a solution for you. It just isn’t a magic bullet that will cure your problems. You have to do the work and address the other issues that caused you to um, gain the weight in the first place.  You have to actually follow the plan and be realistic about your weight loss goals, and be ready. Because regardless if you use a program, system or go it alone you have to like what it is you are doing to stick to it and you have to see the results to keep you going!

For me, it’s helped me with my cravings and stay on target with my calories. I like the taste. I like how easy it is to grab a bar and feel full. I have seen and felt the results.  I trust the company, the science and I have heard and seen so many testimonials with my own eyes that it comes down to five things when deciding to lose inches with this program or any program for that matter:

1)      Be ready

2)      Be committed

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3)      Stay the course {even when it is bumpy}

4)      Commit to lifelong changes, after the program has worked

5)      Have a support system {online and/or offline}

Okay, okay so I’ve said my piece about Cinch and if I see you at a blogging event, online or offline you’ll know how I feel and I can say, yes I have tried it and yes, I love it. If you’re a blogger and want to give it a try contact me because yes, I am looking to work with bloggers to lose inches like I have with the support of the Cinch program.

Yup, it is true! Ha! Ha! AND NO double chin!

Drum Roll My Results So Far

As of December 5, 2011 according to my scale and possibly inaccurate measurement’s on my own body while I hold the tape measure in my mouth or under my chin and slip a few times….

1.5 inches lost in the arms

6.5 inches lost in the waist

4 inches lost on the hips

4.5 inches lost on the bust {why the bust darn it all #justsaying}

Total of 15.5 pounds and 16.5 inches

When I started this journey I was a size 14 and truthfully those were skin tight and miserable to wear so I’m guessing I was really a 16 in denial. I am now officially wearing size 12 very comfortably and my skinny jeans are waving hello to me because I’m so darn close to fitting into the size 10’s! Just a few weeks away! My new realistic goal is January 1, 2012 to comfortably fit into my size 10 jeans and hopefully be nearing my goal weight which is 17.5 pounds away! When I officially fit into those jeans, I promise I’ll share a photo with you. One of the before and after, unflattering and flattering.

Disclaimer: I am a Shaklee Distributor but I am not building my business or recruiting. I work full-time as a consultant for the Shaklee Corporation. They did not ask me to review Cinch or to try Cinch as part of my job. These are my words, my opinions and my very own experience.

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