Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency consistently ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to pubilc health? Wow! Did you know that every single day the average adult breaths in up to 900 cubic feet of air? The EPA states that “since most people spend a majority of their lives indoors, the quality of indoor air is a major area of concern….” In fact, the large surface area of the lungs and the sensitivity of the tissues make them particularly susceptible to air pollution. Pollen, dander, smoke, and mold enter our bodies through our large and vulnerable lungs. Smokers think about this!!!!!

This got me thinking about the air I breath everyday. When was the last time you opened your windows for fresh air? I haven’t done this since October because I live where it’s freezing from October thru March. What about those of you that use air conditioning around the clock? How about burning candles, spraying air freshners or the toxic cleaners? Personally I don’t use candles, spray air fresheners or use toxic cleaners but I used to. We have to realize that being indoors all day long and using toxic cleaners, candles or air fresheners and not opening our windows is not good for our lungs and health.

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What about schools? I visited a good friend of mine that teaches third grade in a old building and it smells moldy and damp. The heat ducts were dirty, the school uses toxic cleaners and the statisitcs for asthma keeps climbing. I wonder if there is a direct correlation?

So do you use an indoor air purification system to clean the air in your home? Did you realize it was considered a public health risk? I recently learned of this and started using an air purification system in my home that I don’t have to clean or maintain. There’s many options out there but from researching and family members that have used some different brands I wanted to have the best and not be replacing it every other year. It was investment for my families health. I hear from many friends that it’s too expensive but for my family to breath fresh clean air, year around, it’s worth every penny to me. I’m donating one to my son’s school and wherever he goes I’ll bring it with him. It’ll be for his health and for the students and teachers. With asthma and breathing issues being so prevelant nowadays and the EPA considering indoor air pollution one of the top five health risks….I think it’s worth it. What about you?

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