My niece as an infant and isn't she adorable!

Infant massage has become widely popular where I live and throughout the US. The benefits include stress reductions, improved bonding and family interaction, improved sleep, increase weight gain for premature babies and more. Massage is soothing for most of us; I know I love a good massage! Resources such as Infant Massage USA, International Association of Infant Massage and Dr. Sears all support the use of massage techniques for parents and babies as being beneficial.

Books and Videos for Infant Massage

Baby Massage: The Powerful Calming of Touch

Step-by-step guide with photos to help you calm babies with soft and loving techniques that have been proven to work! The photos are beautiful.

Aimee’s Babies Developmental DVD with Baby Massage

A beautiful DVD that explains infant and baby massage with examples and step-by-step instructions – a wonderful baby shower gift for a new mom.

Baby Massage for Dummies

A very simple and quick read with examples, instructions and resources – a great read for dad, especially if he is skeptical!

My massage oil of choice is Earth Mama Angel Baby and I think having soothing lullabies or classical music on with dim lighting is always a nice touch. Babies can easily become overstimulated and react quickly to sudden noises, colors and moving objects. Sometimes just taking 15 minutes to calm them down with gentle massage, dim lighting and music is all they need.

Tell me, have you tried infant massage with your child? Do you think it works to soothe and calm them?

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links but I have read these books and used this massage oil. Based on my degree in early childhood, child care experience and motherhood I am making these recommendations but they’re all just my own opinion.

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