This week I’ve written a guest post over at Moms Talk Network. I’m branching out writing guest posts, writing for Busy Mommy as a health editor and contributor, syndicating some articles for Mom Central and joining their blog tour as a green expert.  5 Minutes for Mom also has some exciting stuff in the works that I’m going to be a part of so stay tuned for more on that later! Oh and don’t forget I occasionally write for How To Do Things, so you can find me all over the internet!

This week for Moms Talk Network I shared my infertility experience, something I have never written about. I’ll write more about this here at G&CM but with so many women and men suffering from infertility and many of us trying to “go green” it’s a topic that should be addressed.  Here’s an excerpt from my post…

“When it comes to infertility and drugs, the idea is to take a pill or shot that stimulates ovulation. That’s a very simple explanation but basically that’s what’s happening. There are actually several different infertility treatments and it depends on the individual problem. In my case I gave myself a shot everyday and had two ultrasounds to monitor the growth of my follicles. When the follicles were large enough to release an egg and there were not a dozen healthy eggs to be released, I received a shot in the bum and the follicles would release their hopefully healthy eggs within 24 hours. I had 24 hours to do the horizontal limbo and make a precious baby. No vacation, relaxation or lack of hormones to be more green were going to help me get pregnant.”

For more about my experience and how you can green your fertility please visit, Moms Talk Network.