Have you heard of the website Allergy Kids? I stumbled on it one day forever ago and even though I don’t have a child with allergies I subscribed. Now why would I do that? Well, I have children over to my home all the time for playgroups and many of them have food allergies. I have a degree in early childhood education so I care about these types of things. Everyone should care and want to know. More and more crap is making it into chemical cleaners, household and personal care products as well as food and it’s hurting our children. Why are there so many diseases and problems with children now? There is a link whether I can prove it or not and common sense is all I need to guide me in writing this. We have to be educated consumers and choose products from trusted companies and become advocates and write the policy makers.

In a recent email newsletter Allergy Kids alerted me to the fact that there are ingredients in the sodas, pizzas, candies, and infants formulas (yes infant formulas) that have never been tested for human safety. Isn’t that lovely? Here’s a tidbit from the newsletter I received today…

As a result, according to Daniel Sheehan, an FDA scientist, American children are part of “a large, uncontrolled and basically unmonitored human infant experiment,” as these foreign proteins and allergens find their way into our children’s food products.

Scary. Scary. Scary. So do what Allergy Kids suggest and write your congressman and get this changed. We cannot continue to tolerate this! Make sure you check out their website, blog, research, cause and watch their interview on CNN. Oh, and subscribe to their newsletter because it’s the best one out there for information on what is going on with the food we feed our children.

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