To hump the Internet, as Jennifer calls it! She’s a hoot and makes me laugh every time I read her posts. Posts about how to murder a fly or how she got hit in the woo-woo by her little doo-doo!  This is my lame attempt at humping the Internet or better yet, sharing with you some great things I’ve read, thus far this week.

The green blogephere is hoppin’ this week with all sorts of fun stuff. Organic Mania, she’s having a Green Carnival and the moms are addressing global warming. Hats of to Lynn for organizing and sphere heading this carnival. I missed the ride this time.  Oh, and did you know it’s breast feeding awareness week and the girls from Green Baby Guide, they’re giving away some cloth diapers. They’re sweet like that. I need to enter because I’m in transition but I’m learning and can’t wait to share everything with you–shortly, it’s in the works!  Not to go to far off topic but I have already used the word humping, Green Girls…they’re featuring some naked celebrities standing up for animal rights.

On a more family friendly note, Eco Kids ( I just made a huge jump here), wrote a great post about greening your kids room. Seeing that my daughter is 19 months old and has decided to climb out of her crib several times each night, I might be greening her bedroom into a big girls green room. Yeah, fun and I’m being sarcastic.

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I’ve blushed twice this week and it has nothing to do with me using the words naked or humped in a post. First, was featured as a Eco Chief Officerover at How You Eco. Then I was interviewed by Max Gladwell for, Get to Know a Blogger.  Oh, and did I mention that I have written a post for Healthy Child Healhy World? Yes, I can’t wait for that to be posted. It’s been quite a week!

Enough about me, La Marquerite, wrote a great post about how world of mouth can help impact climate change. I was so happy to see this because I’m such a firm believer in world of mouth advertising, marketing and the impact it can have (blogging).

To end this post with some dignity and class I will leave you with this, get some poop paper and find out more about this clever and yes, gross product over at My Greening.  Yes, it is true all in one post I used the words: breasts, hump, naked and poop. There has to be some award out there for this? If not, I’ll just make one up and give it to myself, like I did when I created my own top 100 list and put myself on there. Works for me.

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