Celebrities have a massive audience. What they say and do can potentially influence thousands if not millions of people. Where they shop, what they buy, what they wear, eat and so on is watched by others and then talked about online and in the press.  At times I wish I had this sphere of influence to make a national or global difference the way many of the stars could, should they care to.  Instead I’ll just be a green mom blogger and give credit to a few inspirational green mom celebrities.

Jessica Alba

Image Credit: Safer Chemicals

A mom of two who partnered with Safer Chemicals Healthy Families to raise awareness to the dangers of toxic harmful chemicals in consumer products and because I’ve also joined the cause, I think this is pretty nifty!

As Jessica Alba says, taken from her letter written on the Safer Chemicals blog:

“Together we are fighting for a strong federal system to put common sense limits on toxic chemicals. We believe in an America where moms and dads don’t have to hold a chemistry degree to have a safe home. We believe in an America where pregnant women like myself don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals in on our wombs.”

I hear you sister! Amen!

Ah, and if that wasn’t enough to win me over Jessica Alba partnered with Christopher Gavin the former Healthy Child Healthy World director to launch an Eco-friendly baby care line called The Honest Company. Mom Trends hosted a launch party but I’m not in New York so I didn’t get to come {sniffle, sniffle}! I haven’t tried the products yet but what I read and from other green bloggers I trust, I’m impressed.

The practice what you preach mantra is something I can totally respect which is why I’m giving Jessica Alba a shout out as an inspirational green celebrity mom! Keep it up girlfriend!

Natalie Portman

Image from @natpdotcom on Twitter

Besides the fact that Grist proclaims having a crush on her, she launched a vegan shoe line and she became a vegetarian at 9 years old, I’m totally impressed with what I read about her long history of being green before green was “cool”. I love this! According to Grist she was dancing about recycling trash as a kid! Sweet!

This green mom certainly practices what she preaches from the shoes on her feet to the rock on her finger.  The Recycled Bride blog says she’s sporting a conflict free diamond and her favorite charity is Global Green USA.  I dig this. Plus her video on National Geographic inspiring other to use fluorescent bulbs to reduce electric bills and help to reverse the effects of global warming is pretty cool.

Before even having her baby boy she was being touted as the next green mom celebrity for her Eco-friendly ways. Not that I know what her nursery is like, if she breastfeeds or not, what baby care products she uses to actually justify this so called “title”. I’m just going from her track record of being Eco and thinking she’s pretty much towed the line of living the way she believes and not just to garner press and attention. Go Natalie!

So tell me, which celebrity moms inspire you to live a healthier or more Eco-friendly life?

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