Why did I decide to go with Invisible Fence® for my dog Ellie? I’m asked this over and over again and here is why I decided to choose Invisible Fence® verses other brands and companies on the market:

♥The Invisible Fence transmitter is FCC Certified and is designed not to cause interference with other electronic devices.  This means my dog won’t be zapped by accident and there won’t be gaps or chances of the invisible fence not working.

♥I saw the product work first hand multiple times in one day. I went with my son selling pop corn for cub scouts and we walked blocks and blocks, knocking on doors in our small town. Over and over I saw the Invisible Fence® sign and dogs run out and greet us with a quick halt – no jumping on us, no scaring the kids and no going into the road. This must have happened half a dozen times and that alone showed me the system worked and people were buying it and liking it.

♥The company is 25 years old and the longevity of a company says something to me – tried and true.

♥Multiple pets can be used on the system, even cats!

♥My vet has the Invisible Fence® for her dog and if I trust her to take care of my dog I will listen to what she uses with her own pets and take that as a testimonial.

♥I loved the one year money back warranty the company offers, the plan that allowed us to have batteries sent to us for the collar, the training that came along with the installation and the professionalism. So guy did not show up in an old pick up truck  but instead a well branded van and the gentleman was wearing a branded jacket, this meant something to me!

♥Over 1 million pet owners have the Invisible Fence® system and I love how you can create custom zones and have a zone in your home to keep a dog away from a pizza or a room!

♥We tired another brand and it was not successful and did not work for us.

Project Breath™ is implemented by the company and I love when a company gives back to its communities and to the consumers they serve, in this case the pets!

I’m also asked about how much it costs and there is no doubt the system is expensive but so is a fence, losing my dog and the heart ache that comes along with what could happen if our dog goes missing or is hit by a car. Ellie is four months old and we chose to do roughly 1.5 acres to give her ample running and exercise space. If we access and play on this land we want her by outside, not sitting on the porch watching us. Thus far, our Great Dane Ellie is responding wonderfully to the training and we are one week into it and she has not left the area and looks for the white flags cautiously – I’m impressed.

I’m sure there are great companies out there that compete with Invisible Fence® , this was just why we chose to go with the company and thus far we are pleased. Find a dealer near you by clicking here or enter their current sweepstakes to win a free fence!

P.S. I was not compensated for this review nor was I given discounts or asked to review the product or company.


  1. I have heard a lot about these fences but understand that Invisible Fence is the LEAST “Green” any product of this type out there because of all of the batteries you will use each year. I think it requires 4 batteries a year which is very bad for the environment. Something to think about as you promote a Green lifestyle here.

  2. ACollins I have to disagree. I am using less material to build something and my dog is in a natural environment. We can argue eco-decisions all day but we cannot all be perfect and have to make good choices for our families.


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