Island Life

Vacation is coming to a close and I have not completely unplugged but I’ve taken a break and it was much needed. Our little cottage home on Font Lake came with WiFi and in the evening overlooking the water it was nice to check my messages, status updates and reply to anything that was pressing. I actually rested better this way, knowing “must take care of issues” were addressed.

What I loved about our week away on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan was that I could go without makeup, forget the blow dryer, pick raspberries at night with my pajamas on and read an entire book in one day because the children were frolicking in the sand and water.

There were a few things I knew were different about island life -lack of amenities. The grocery store on Beaver Island has necessities but you cannot be picky, there is only one store in town and if you don’t like what they have it is a two hour ferry ride back to the mainland! So deal.

Pickles and Beer

Speaking of ferry rides, I get seasickness which means I was a wee bit worried about getting to the island. Luckily an ex-Marine shared with me his secret: pickles. He told me to eat pickles before the trip, during the trip and after the trip. Something about the acid, salt and vinegar. I came prepared with beer and pickles for the ferry ride and guess what …I never got sick! My family feared I would be throwing up pickles but luckily that did not happen. A natural remedy to prevent seasickness is definitely pickles. I cannot find any facts to prove this but for me it worked.

Schedule Free

The children enjoyed this lack of scheduled time. A chance to sleep late (or not), stay up past their bed time, take naps in the middle of the day (or not) and eat at random times.  No clock needed, we went with the flow, followed our hearts and tummies for things we wanted to do and when we wanted to eat. It was a go with the flow vacation that included the perfect combination of technology, television and connection to the mainland!

What do you have to take with you on your vacation?

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