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This quote resonates with me.  Most people see me as someone with an education, nice car, home, ring, husband and job but they do not know I was born to a teen mother. You would not know I would be familiar with state assistance, standing in line for processed cheese and peanut butter.

This quote resonates with me because growing up the material things did not exist but I was always loved and told over and over by my caretakers better known as my three grandmother’s things just like this.

Words of…





I always had a warm bed, clean clothing, toys to play with and food to eat but when I look back at my childhood what I remember most is the strong women in my life not the material things. The role models that showed me how to work hard, go to school, stay focused and the one’s that provided a shoulder for me to cry on but then wiped my tears, gave me a hug and told me to try again and not give up.

My grandmothers were my everything but as I grew older and they passed I never forgot their wise words. As I grew older other strong women came into my life and served as role models, women I looked up to.  Women who did not have college educations but knew how important mine would be and who reminded me of this and showed me through example how to be self-taught read and discover new things.

My aunt for example was a person I saw grow up with my same background but go onto get a Master’s from the University of Michigan in Nursing and now a PHD and become a professor at the University of Michigan all while raising four children. Someone who I looked up to as a strong woman but one that was determined to have a family but also a career because both were important to her.  It was not her words that spoke to me like my grandmother’s but rather her actions and examples that empowered me.

What we say as women.

What we do as women.

It leaves an impression on some little girl in our life.

As a mother of a young little girl I know what impression I want to leave.

I want her and the other young girls to know and believe right down to their very core that they are kind, smart and important.

When we have that in us and it is right there in our core because we’ve had the role models, the mothers and grandmothers who whisper these thoughts over and over into our ears – we can do anything!

I have seen abuse. I have seen the cycle of poverty and addiction. I have seen broken spirits because of unkind words. I know in my heart that one of the reasons you might see me on the street and not know what I’ve seen or where I’ve come from is because I have overcome it because of the women in my life.

Our little girls are the next doctors, lawyers, politicians, mothers, teachers and future.

Let me just leave you with this video to remind you that it does indeed only take one girl to change the world so let’s leave lasting, positive impressions on the girls in our lives to inspire them.

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