May is salad month which is a great reminder for everyone to start eating healthy again. Summer is right around the corner (bathing suit season).

I love salad; my husband and I use to eat it every day but after we had our daughter, well…..I think you know where I am going with this.

My daughter is going to be 2 in June and believe it or not she loves salad too. I have never seen a toddler ask for salad, have you? It’s my experience that kids want what their parents have so it’s important that we eat healthy too. Now that our daughter is older and eats solid foods it makes it a lot easier to incorporate “healthy meal time”.

Since the paradigm of health has started to shift I think salad has become more of a popular and wise choice for consumers.  I think proof is in the facts.

According to Fresh Express they produce over 40 million pounds of salad each month, over 20 million servings of their salad is consumed a week, and the average American consumer eats about 30 pounds of lettuce each year. That’s a lot of salad!

Fresh Express has a great website that offers a leaf locator that tracks where the lettuce and spinach in each bag is grown and cared for. They also have stats on the most popular salads per city, based on Fresh Express sales data. The Fresh Express website also offers great recipes, news and updates, information from their salad experts and more.

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Fresh Express has also partnered up with the PGA and Pro Football legend, Jerry Rice to encourage healthy eating choices and help fight childhood obesity; through Jerry’s “127” Foundation, proceeds from the Fresh Express ClassicTM at TPC

Lets all celebrate salad month with a big, healthy, yummy salad!!!

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