No question about it, having a baby is stressful. I worried about what I was eating and if I slept enough. I was wondering about the baby’s growth and development and hoping that I was going to have a health baby. What nursery items to buy, car seat to register for, baby bath to purchase and just what worked and did not work. It’s overwhelming but fun at the same time. What takes the fun out of it is figuring out what you need to get and having to worry about the safety of the product and whether it is eco-friendly and green for mother and baby. Where do you look and how do you raise baby green?

Melissa Moog and Jennifer Lo Prete came together to take the stress out of your life when it comes to going green with baby because they’ve done the foot work. In one book, less than 300 pages, these eco-savvy green authors have spelled it out for you so you have the safest, greenest tips for raising your baby healthy. The book, Itsabelly’s Guide to going Green With Baby is a must read for the mommy to be or for any mommy wanting to raise healthy babies with mom tested tips and resources.

The book is chalked full of information so you don’t have to go digging and wondering where to look or who to trust.  Melissa and Jennifer walk you through making green choices for your baby and understanding the confusing ingredients and products. They help you tackle feeding, diapering and babywearing decisions with great tips and eco-mom advice. Even Alicia from The Soft Landing has contributed to the book, another plus!

Itsabelly’s Guide to Going Green with Baby gives you a green resource directory, dictionary for all those confusing green terms and a brand a product directory. I told you, they make raising baby green and healthy easy with their resourceful, easy to read and informative book. Everything is well researched and easy to locate which make this book a Green and Clean Mom favorite for all mommies to have on their book shelf.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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