Joe Reilly Sings the Michigan Song

When my family first heard the news of Joe Reilly coming to our local school to perform I wasn’t sure if the children would enjoy the concert or much about his music but being sponsored by Yoga Roots and having live birds of prey before the concert – it had my attention and I knew we had to attend. Dancing, singing and moving to music that teaches about animals, loving trees, compost, ecology and what politicians are doing to make money on bottled water. A voice that captivated the children, maked the adults tap their feet and snap their fingers and words with meanings and teachings – an evening well spent with an artist I wish I would have discovered years ago.

Joe ReillyMy children now sing about being from Michigan, growing high and tall like a tree, protecting the environment, sharing with their friends and the water cycle. More than I could have ever asked for and with a beat that has me dancing and singing. If you haven’t heard of Joe Reilly I urge you to check out his website, buy his CD or even download and listen to one of our favorite songs: The_Michigan_Song!

Click hereto watch some of the live concert and just how wonderful Joe Reilly is!

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