Take the Scholastic 20 for 20 Challenge with me!

The Scholastic 20 for 20 reading challenge could not have come at a better time for my family. Everyone seems glued to their phone or some electronic device lately. Me included. I have a few great books on my nightstand but guess what, I haven’t cracked them open. Why? I’m too busy thumbing through Pinterested or checking Facebook. (Hmmm, and I wonder why I can’t sleep.)

After taking a long 6 hour road trip to Chicago in a new car with no DVD (first time in 10 years), I discovered, my family CAN live without their devices. We can just sing, talk, read a good book, nap or look out the window. We can survive and it is good for us.

Which is why, I’m so excited to be taking the Scholastic 20 for 20 reading challenge with my family. On the heels of our DVD free road trip, I want to continue encouraging my family to read more and spend less time looking at glowing screens. (Cough, cough, which goes for me too!)

I challenge you to join me. Gather your family and together take the pledge to read 20 minutes for 20 days. I’m not really asking my family, I’m just telling them. Sometimes a mom has to do what a mom has to do!!! And this mama, is turning off the electronics, putting on some soft music and gathering everyone to do some reading each night in the family room. They can pick their book (lots of choices, thanks to Scholastic for sending these my way) and grab their pillows and blankets but we’re reading as a family and then chatting about our good reads.

I hope you join me and share this post with others. If you’re taking the challenge, leave me a comment. I’d love to see who else is taking this challenge and what comes of this. I hope this becomes a habit for my family and instead of it being something they “have” to do, they just choose to pick up a book on their own.  In the world of distractions, animations and glowing screens, it will be nice to focus on the joys of reading a good book. It’s something that I grew up loving to do and something my own mother role modeled.

Honestly, picking up a book and role modeling to my own children the joys of reading is something I need to do more of. Another reason I’m so excited about this challenge!

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