Type A – The need to be on time and in control, all the time. Is this you?

Life is nothing short of busy. I catch myself multiple times a day checking the time to make sure I’m on time. I’m moving from one deadline to the next.  I’m going from one activity for a child that has to be at point “A” and then picking another one up from point “B”.

Run. Run. Run.

Even if I’m reading a book or watching a television show, I’m conscious of the time. It’s just how I am. And when I’m reading, I’m actually probably thinking of 100 other things. My mind is like my browser, there’s a million tabs open at all times.

An everyday watch that’s eco-friendly and fashionable – Jord® Wood Watches

Perhaps this is why I like to wear watches. I can glance down at my wrist and have a sense of security. I know what time it is. I know if I’m on time.  This could also be my “Type A” personality, always needing to feel in control.

This might drive some people nuts. Which I understand but it’s just how I am. In fact, if you know someone in your life that is Type-A, read this article on 11 things people like me want YOU to know.

Just today we needed to be at my sister’s house at noon to celebrate my little sister graduating from college. (Go Kenize!) We didn’t leave my house until noon and BAM, my anxiety reaches epic proportions.

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I need to chill. I know, I know.

But it’s who I am. It’s not easy to just chill and relax. (Did you read the article I mentioned above? We can’t just RELAX!)

Knowing the time, planning and living by my lists (even if they’re just in my head) is just who I am. Some call me uptight, whatever. Some say I’m emotional and easily stressed. I say, we’re all different and this is just me. And yes, sometimes I’m emotional and yes, I’m easily stressed.

For the mom who likes to be on time but also look good – Jord Wood Watches is the time piece for you.

Like I said, we’re all different. Which is why I love Jord® Wood Watches, they have a different style watch for everyone. Though, I like them ALL and could hardly decide which one I wanted to review. So regardless if you wear a watch daily (like me) or just occasionally, you’ll find a watch you like.

For me, having a time piece that catches my eye, that is comfortable to wear and that I know isn’t like everyone else’s watch, makes me feel good.  After all, I glance at my watch often throughout the day; I want to like what I’m glancing at. I want it to be comfortable and also stylish. Jord® Wood Watches is that for me. A watch I can wear to soccer practice, grocery shopping, to work and at home. A watch that I can like looking at and that goes with just about everything I’m wearing. Not that I’m “Miss Stylish” but I like to look put together and have trendy clothing.

For the mom who likes to be on time but also look good – Jord Wood Watches is the time piece for you.

For this time conscious (Type-A personality) mama, I love my Jord® Wood Watch. Their watches are made of natural and sustainable wood from across the globe. They’re splash proof and very comfortable. I haven’t had to clean mine yet but because it’s made of natural wood, it’s more prone to dirt and oil. The company says to clean the wood you just need olive oil and lemon juice. That’s easy enough, I always have both of these natural ingredients on hand.

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If you’re like me and you love watches and you’re obsessed with being on time and checking the time to stay on schedule, check out Jord® Wood Watches. Even if you’re not like me, check them out. You’ll be wearing a time piece that is unique and eco-stylish.

Oh and is your dad or significant other a watch lover? Hint! Hint! This would make a GREAT Father’s Day gift!

See my day-to-day wearing of my new Sully Jord® Wood Watch:

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