How do you do it?

A question that is asked of me, almost on a daily basis, is how do I do everything I do? It seems impossible when I list is all off to someone and it actually has me wondering at times but when I break it down; it seems very manageable and doable because of my personality and ability to now delegate and yes outsource for help. That is a huge piece to how I do what I do. So let me break it down for you…

Personality Types

We all know that there are different personality types just based on our own families I’m sure we can list off the perfectionist sister, passive aggressive aunt, laid back brother, etc. There are hundreds of personality quizzes and tests, workplaces often hold trainings on what color you are and how to work those that aren’t the same personality color as you are.  While reading through different personality types I’ve really found I’m a cross between an ENFP personality, the ENTP personality and the ENTJ personality type. I see pieces of myself in all of these descriptions; fitting into one personality box seems confining to me I suppose.

I believe my personality is why I can juggle everything that I do and when you read the personality descriptions there are some common themes that I see in myself which I believe drives my fire for my varied interests and passions (motherhood, early childhood, green living, blogging and social media):

Social, love to interact with people, energized, leader, excited about new projects, good follow through and dependability, self motivated and career/goal oriented, constantly absorbing new ideas, loves problem solving, see possibilities everywhere, loves to debate, inventive and enterprising.

What personality type are you and have you embraced who you are verses trying to change it? Does your personality drive what you do or are you constantly battling with yourself?


Problogger has a survey right now asking how many bloggers outsource and I am jumping up and down raising my hand! I could not accomplish what I do on a daily basis if I did not have help, if I did not delegate and let go of things that are not perfect. Here is what I outsource:

-Housekeeper once per week to help me catch up on laundry, scrubbing and staying organized.
-Assistant for writing content, handling Press Releases, searching Twitter and any and all other odd online tasks I need help with.
-Child care – my children go do daycare part-time and we have a nanny part-time in home.

Time Management, Passion, Sleep Deprivation and Letting it go

Managing my time and tasks via my calendar and multi-tasking is something that makes all that I do possible. Meaning I can work full-time, be a mommy, wife and have a company. I schedule posts, I write like crazy when the time is right and there is time. I keep a list of topics I want to write about so I’m always inspired.

My passion is for what I do is why it is easy to feel tired or inspired at 10pm to write about green living or a new discovery or product review. It’s easier to wake up in the morning knowing I’m making a difference for young children in my area and lives better.

Things do not seem like work when you love doing them and therefore I can do them and feel energized because I’m excited about what I’m doing; it isn’t like folding my laundry or cleaning the toilets.

Let it Go

Let it go, I let it go and look away when the counter isn’t wiped immediately or the drawers aren’t filled with perfectly folded clothing. I given up on wanting and desiring perfection and this means I sometimes forget small details but I have a bigger picture and that makes me happier then the perfectionism. This does not mean I do not have these tendencies; I do but I have really had to let it go and focus on meaningful things – I consider this working on myself to become a better person.

Okay, so how do you do what you do? What are your tips and tools? Do you do too much and need to cut back?

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