R.W. Knudsen is a juicy family and they’re giving a mom like me a sensible juice option for my children. An option that is USDA certified organic, with no added sugar (or anything else for that matter) and they are 50% juice and 50% water meaning less sugar and calories. Offered in child-friendly, unbreakable 4.23 oz juice boxes, Sensible SippersTM are perfect for me to keep in the car or diaper bag for my little ones. I almost always have a reusable water bottle but the kids aren’t always with me. Meaning for the others that watch them (daddy, grandma, auntie and nanny) they need something handy. The size is great because it isn’t something that is wasted because there is too much juice and for my daughter this is always an issue for the bigger juice boxes.

My son and daughter have always loved juice and have always needed juice for regularity issues. I’m fine with this because I’ve always limited the intake and added water but now that I can buy organic juice boxes from a family company that cares about the earth and has sustainable practices…I’m one super happy green mommy! My kids love all the flavors and luckily our local health food store carries this brand. The first time my son tried one he asked for more and that means he couldn’t tell there was water added to it, which makes me laugh. When I add water to his juice he seems to know but when the R.W. Knudsen family adds water it is okay. Go figure?

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