It’s the weekend and we’ve had some heated discussions going on here at G&CM. Father’s Day is around the corner (yikes, I’m not ready) and I thought I’d just lighten up the load by giving you a few fun blog posts to check out this weekend. Through my recent twittering I’ve come across some great reads that I’m hoping you’ll also enjoy!

DesignHER Momma posted a hilarious video about moms taking the “organic” food thing too far. It’s a video spoof and I couldn’t help but laughing!

If you’re looking for a last minute father’s day gift besides the gift of “sex” then you might try doing a little beer tasting gift with some local beer or a wide array of organic beers? I got the great idea from Mom Logic via twitter. I think I just might have to do this seeing that I don’t have anything yet and my husband needs to stray from the Bush. Did I just admit to this?

For those of you that still want the SUV but also the hybrid you might want to hold on a little while longer because Ford might be coming out with the Escape Hybrid that is supposed to get 88MPG! Got your attention didn’t I? Yeah, the Green Motorist got me to click too!

For a healthy experience and a contest you might consider heading over to Healthy Green Moms and making a list of things you like about yourself. I have never done this. Instead I usually critique myself. Have a great weekend…more contests coming up on Sunday and you won’t to miss out! In the meantime, Ecobunga will keep you busy.

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