Babies and sleeping, two words any new mom wants to hear. My daughter, she never wanted to be rocked as a baby, just give her space. My son, he only wanted to be held. Every child is different when it comes to sleep and we can read books, get tips, ask for advice and really just hope. Being a green mom, I want to provide safe sleeping for my children and finding a non-toxic chemical free mattress, that’s important to me. Organic Baby Products 101 provides a great resource for parents looking to go this route with their children and just posted on organic mattresses. Another non-toxic earth friendly sleeping solution for baby and child, the Kanoe.

No mattress needed, just hang from the ceiling (necessary equipment provided with purchase) and baby sleeps in the organic hammock, mimicking moms rocking arms. No mattress needed, it is designed to gently comfort them and their natural shape. It can be tilted for colicky babies and for children who can climb out it can be lowered closer to the ground. It holds up to 50 pounds, which technically means my four year old, could sleep in this Kanoe still. A great value for less than $300 and  no worries about chemicals and mattresses. The Kanoe is made of organic cotton, is machine washable and portable.

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