My son was two years old and was running with open toe sandals and his big toe was ripped right off. Ouch. Ever since then I have become a fan, through and through, of the Keen Sandal for kids. The big toe is 100% protected and mom is happy. Yes, these are expensive. Yes, children out grow shoes quickly BUT here is what I have learned…

You can’t walk well when cardboard or blocks are strapped to your feet.

My kids have legs, hips and developing bodies and shoes are very important in helping them to develop. I am not a doctor but I do know that when my son wears his cheap work boots or slip on garden shoes for the day he tells me at night his knee hurts or legs hurt. I asked his doctor about this and she was very specific in telling me that my child can wear cheap clothing but they need good shoes and not just for looks.

I’m a believer and my choice for kids happens to be Keen. We probably have 6 pairs between my two children in the last few years and each pair through the wear and tear look brand new. They wash up well and boy can my kids run in these shoes. They wear them in the lakes, streams and pool and I’m comfortable with the tread and quality…oh and the toes are protected! What I love more than anything is that they can be used from year to year and that saves me money and that is green! I’m not so sure the shoe itself is eco-friendly but the company is.They call their thinking social responsibility or HybridLife. From the companies website

At KEEN, we believe in encouraging everyone to create, play, and care…for us it’s a way of life, we call it HybridLife.

However, living the HybridLife also comes with a very real sense of responsibility, reliability, and transparency. Internally, we have challenged ourselves to consider each choice we make, because once we re-think our options and when we take that first step, all sorts of new possibilities appear.

When most companies are giving away luxury trips Keen is giving away a trip to Africa to volunteer. Yes, a trip where you volunteer your time and give to others instead of enjoying the spa or thinking of yourself. How cool is that giveaway???

Check out some Keen’s we have at our home and get shopping for safe toes, quality shoes and from a company that cares!

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