A newborn’s skin, it is so sensitive. I remember my son, born in May, loving to be outdoors. The reflection of the light, the feel of the breeze and the different colors and sounds – they intrigued him right from the very beginning.  I always worried about the sun and was concerned that he would burn but I never wanted to apply sunscreen because I did not know what sunscreen 8 years ago was safe – there were not too many options.  I always kept him well covered in light clothing, covered by a light cotton blanket or in the shade. Paranoid and protective, perhaps but I was a first time mom!

Now there is Coolibar® – sun protection that you can wear! A ZnO SUNTECT® technology that uses a proprietary fabric with Zinc Oxide (ZnO) that cannot be absorbed by the skin, cannot wear or wash off, and safely deflects UV rays! Pretty neat, huh? It recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology, Skin Cancer Foundation and the Melanoma International Foundation. With an UPF protection of 50+ the fabric is said to block 98% of the suns UVA and UVB radiation.

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Personally, I like the sun and probably too much but when I was sent the adorable blue baby blanket to review, my mind went back to the days of holding my little boy and thinking how nice it would have been to have this fabric 8 years ago! A soft blanket that is light weight and perfect for warm weather! You could swaddle baby, lightly cover them or drape this over a car seat, stroller or front pack. The entire line of children and infant wear is remarkable – I might have bought it all 8 years ago! From hats, shirts, swimwear to sun glasses – they have it all and baby will be covered safely!

Through December 31, 2012 use the code Blog12 to save 15% when placing your order online at www.coolibar.com

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