When you buy a product or pay for a service, you want to be a satisfied customer. When you offer a service or sell a product you want your customers to be happy. It’s pretty simple.

Unfortunately, we’ve all probably experienced the” other side”. You know the unhappy and very unsatisfied customer side. The one where you might have sent back a plate of food or complained about the customer service, like the father who tweeted about the gate agent recently on Southwest and was kicked off the plane. I can bet you’ve had to return a product because it wasn’t what you thought it would be or it broke.  Companies that care about the retention of their customers want them to stay in the happy customer category. Makes sense to me.

If I leave a restaurant unhappy I don’t go back. If I buy a product and it breaks and the company can’t help resolve the situation and make things better, I won’t buy from that company again. And most likely I’ll let others know from word of mouth or social media my experience.  Which means the company lost a customer and earned bad PR.

Honestly, there is nothing worse thKeeping Your Customers Happy #Rayovacan buying a product and paying good money and then having it break. It’s frustrating. You then have to go and return it, call the company and try to resolve the issue and probably take a lot of time out of your day. Maybe be on hold waiting to talk to an agent, submitting a complaint form, sending an email, leaving a Facebook message or sending a tweet. It can be a lot of work and time! After all that you HOPE the company will work with you to return the product, fix the product or do something to make you a happy customer. It’s really a fingers crossed type of situation.

I crossed my fingers, toes, eyes and legs hoping that the electronic robot floor sweeper/cleaner (brand will remain nameless) that I purchased to make my life easier would be an easy fix when I called the company because it stopped working. I paid a couple hundred dollars and hadn’t had it very long. I actually really liked the little robot floor sweeper/cleaner. After online chatting and calling the toll free number I wasn’t getting anywhere with the company. In fact I was heading down the unhappy customer road with no exit sign in sight.

In the end, I stayed an unhappy customer because I was required to pay more money to buy parts to make the product work again. Yet it was not my fault it stopped working and the part was faulty but I was required to pay and ship both ways.   The company lost a customer and the way it was handled makes no sense to me but after too many wasted hours (time is money) I had to just let it go and now I’m trying to figure out how to recycle the robot floor sweeper/cleaner.

A story of why buying from companies that care about their customers matter and what the value of a true guarantee means.

The point of this story is to buy from companies that actually uphold their end of the deal and offer warranties and guarantees. Read the reviews and look at the fine print. See if the company offers a money back guarantee. One such company I personally align myself with and try to bring to forefront here on the blog is Rayovac because they do offer a warranty and guarantee. In fact, when I tried to break our flashlight I called to verify that I’d be sent a new one if what the packaging claimed was not true and it broke. The answer was YES. Which is why I recommend Rayovac products because they get the true meaning of guarantee and I know I won’t be wasting my time calling to say I have an issue or something does not work or broke – no crossing my fingers needed! They want happy customers and don’t we all want to be a happy customer when we spend our money on something?

Have you had an experience like mine with no resolve? How did you handle it?

Disclaimer: I am a Rayovac Ambassador and I’m compensated for my time. All blog posts and opinions are my own.

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