Grocery shopping
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I like to watch those shows where the mom has this amazing pot roast ready when everyone comes home for dinner. The mom that can throw it all together perfectly and have the table set with cloth napkins.

I’m laughing a wicked mean laugh right now because I’m not sure who this person is or if they exist in real life.

Everyone I know is trying to make everyone happy, eat healthy and organic and not lose our minds! Take budget concerns into account, snacks and lunchtime food, it can be too much.  Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do but I’ve learned that keeping the staples on hand from the local health food store make life much easier.

Whenever I go to prepare a healthy home cooked meal I need some basic supplies. When I run out, it can make the simplest meal impossible to make or suddenly there’s a run to the grocery store and the item quickly turns to processed white flour verses wheat and organic. It’s so easy to regress when I am not prepared.

My children, they could easily eat cereal or toast and if they’re lucky macaroni and cheese and be happy. Me on the other hand, I know that isn’t well balanced. I want my children to know how to make their snacks and meals healthy and well balanced so as they grow up they aren’t going to select processed high calorie foods.

Some staples that I like to always have on hand:

·    Organic Wheat Flour
·    Raw Organic Sugar
·    Brown Wheat Rice
·    A variety of Organic Soups
·    Chicken and Beef Broth
·    Baking Powder
·    Baking Soda
·    Barley
·    Frozen onions and potatoes already chopped
·    Canned Organic Vegetables
·    Boxed Organic Wheat Pasta
·    Jarred Organic Pasta Sauce

Having these items on hand allows me to quickly cook a meal and make a homemade stew or a side dish with rice and vegetables. I can quickly made pasta for a side dish or make biscuits to accompany a meal.  I have to feel motivated but it’s easier when I have the items.

My family Loves Condiments and Spice and here are some of my must haves:

·    Organic Ketchup (Heinz tastes great)
·    Organic Mustard (I like Full Circle)
·    Sea Salt
·    Pepper
·    Vanilla Extract
·    Organic Ginger Sauce
·    Cinnamon
·    Mayonnaise
·    Honey
·    Natural Peanut Butter
·    Organic Maple Syrup

Keeping my cupboard well stocked means I’m always able to make peanut butter and honey sandwiches, homemade pancakes or waffles, egg salad sandwiches and the list goes on. No running for fast food to fill the belly with chemicals and greasy food!  Eating healthy does take a conscious effort and being the mom in the house that means, keeping my cupboards stocked and ready to use the ingredients in a pinch. I often have to check the expiration dates but the items are used fairly quickly so it rarely is a problem. None of the items cost much but processed store made food sure does and it isn’t as healthy as cooking from scratch.

What must have healthy staples do you keep on hand?

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