When children go back to school they’re exposed to more germs. That’s a fact. I taught for years and worked in child care settings and I know, children wipe their nose with their hands, they pick their boogers and then they touch stuff.  Some of them even put things in their mouths!

It’s gross.

It’s normal.

What’s a  mom to do when it comes to keeping the kids healthy? You can’t put your kid in a bubble and toxic wipes on every surface don’t work and aren’t good for the environment or your child. I’ve given some back to school tips for the teacher on how to have a non-toxic classroom but what about for the moms going green? How can moms keep their kids healthy through the school year? Are there natural alternatives to cold medicines and what vitamins are best?  First off, your child will most likely get sick. They’ll catch some virus and bug but it won’t be the end of the world. It’s actually good for their immunity.

Healthy Green Moms talks about some alternative solutions when your child has a cold. The saying, that your a cold lasts 14 days or two weeks, is pretty close to true.  This doesn’t mean you can ease the symptoms with chicken soup, tender loving care and cuddling and some homeopathic remedies to help the natural immune system!

I’m a believer in Vitamin C regularly, a good diet, lots of fresh air and a great children’s vitamin. I think good old fashion hand washing and soap and water on surfaces regularly works wonders!  For alternatives to hand sanitizers and toxic surface wipes, For My Kids, is the way to go.  If you send your child to childcare or to school you can’t make sure they wash hands, don’t put things in their mouth and that the school regularly cleans the desks or surfaces. You can suggest it and talk with your child’s teacher and recommend some of my non-toxic classroom tips.

If your child does get ill and most likely they will, just know that it is normal. Wash your hands often to help avoid the cycle of illness.

1.  Help teach your child to sneeze into their arm, not their hand. This helps to avoid the spreading of germs.

2.  Don’t feel that rushing to the doctor to get an antibotic is the best bet, colds are viral so antibotics don’t help.  Help your child to get lots of rest.

3. The body needs to sleep and rest to repair itself. Let your child watch television in your bed or maybe spend some time reading in bed. Encourage lounging and resting until your child lets you know they’re ready for more activity.

4.  Help your child get plently of fluid to ease stuffiness and congestion, avoiding mucous producing products like milk and yogurt.

5.  Remember, a fever is the body’s way of fighting something. You know your child better than anyone so if the fever is low grade and they are acting fine, you might not need to do anything. If it is low grade and they are lethargic and not themselves a fever reducer, might be the answer. Kids Health has some basic guidelines for what a fever is and what they mean.  Personally, I try to avoid OTC medicines until I have to use them. If my child’s fever is high and they are acting miserable I might use and OTC product. I always wait to see before jumping the gun and giving them something they might not need. I’ve come to realize, the body, when let to work the way it is supposed to, is very powerful at healing itself.

Natural News gives some great suggestions on home remedies and using teas, ginger, zinc and other natural ingredients. I highly suggest checking this resource out.  For alternative homeopathic remedies I suggest Hyland’s, they’ve worked for me in the past and are very effective.

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