Kettlepop a Healthy Low Calorie Organic Snack

Each day I pack a morning and afternoon snack for my kids at summer day camp. When they come home and tell me to pack something again, I know I’ve hit a homerun. My kids can be picky and when they’re at camp they get hungry and they want snacks they love. This can be challenging because they want junk food and I want healthy food. It’s a balancing act. I often pack sliced apples, bags of trail mix, sunflower seeds, granola bars, and grapes and occasionally a sugary treat (they like that surprise)!

Today my son came home from day camp and told me he wanted me to pack more of the Kettlepop for tomorrow’s snack. He really liked the organic sea salt popcorn. The good news, it is all natural with only 3 ingredients. It’s certified USDA organic and there are no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. One small bag is only 110 calories. A perfect summer day camp snack!

The bad news…I have to share. A little secret stash I’ve been hiding and sampling all to myself. I shared with my son and now the word is out and everyone in the family is raiding my stash. See what happens when mom is nice and shares!

I haven’t found Kettlepop in any grocery stores near me but I’m fully intending on requesting it. I’d love to be able to continue sharing this yummy and healthy treat with my family. In the meantime I’ll have to order online. One small snack bag is all I need for my salt fix!

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