Healthy Kid Approved Camping Recipes

Camping with kids can be a blast! Yes, it’s a lot of work but all-in-all, it is SO much fun. I have so many tricks that I use for making my camping life easier. I share some of them in a video that I made for packing my camper. The bottom line is that when it comes to camping with kids you have to be organized but also just let things go and not stress about the small stuff. Let them wear stained clothing, have rips in their jeans and not match. If they go to bed without brushing their teeth, they’ll survive. No bath and smelling like bug spray? It is okay. It’s camping!

One of things that make my life easier when it comes to camping with kids is making sure they like the food I make. When you go camping and the kids are hungry, it’s no fun. It’s also easy to resort to junk food and so I try to make sure I have kid approved meals ready to go. I stock the cooler, camper fridge, camper freezer and cupboards with ingredients and foods I know will fill them up. After all, they’re playing outside and expending a great deal of energy – I want them fueled. To help you prepare for camping this year with kids, check out this awesome list of healthy and kid approved camping recipes. From camp fire pizza, to cast iron skillet brownies and everything in between, you’ll find something that fills those little bellies.

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You can also check out my previous camping recipes and give those a whirl too. And with any recipes, I always suggest adapting them to meet your family’s taste buds. If you like to only choose organic ingredients, make those swaps when you read the recipe. If your children don’t like ham, substitute the meat for chicken.

  1. Brownies in a Cast Iron Skillet from Amanda’s CookinCooking over a campfire! Kid approved healthy camping recipes. #summer #camping
  2. Campfire Pizza from How I Pinch A Penny
  3. Strawberry and Nutella Breakfast Sandwich from Mustard Seeds
  4. Fruit & Yogurt Cones from Wizzley
  5. Camping Breakfast Sandwiches from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
  6. Oatmeal Breakfast Bars from Well Plated
  7. Tortilla Dessert Roll ups from Echoes of Laughter
  8. Grilled Picnic Taco Nachos from Moms and Munchkins
  9. Grilled Mini Pizzas from KOA Blog
  10. Taco Beef Burgers from Moms and Munchkins
  11. Hobo Dinners from Literally a Spoon
  12. Hawaiian Chicken Stack Tin Foil Dinner from One Sweet Appetite
  13. Santa Fe Chicken Packets from Ready Set Eat
  14. Brownie and Fruit Kabobs from Moms and Munchkins
  15. Campfire Quesadillas from Dirty Gourmet
  16. Campfire Blueberry and Orange Muffins from Apron Strings
  17. Sausage and Green Bean Tinfoil Dinner from Summer Scraps
  18. Apple Pie Packets from The Country Cook

Oh and check out my 2015 Michigan camping wish list! I’d love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite camping recipes? How about tips and tricks for organizing your camper? Lay it on me!

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