When I had my son, I screamed. I screamed and screamed and I pushed so hard I blew blood vessels in my eyes and looked like someone beat me up. Moms all have their stories on the births of their precious angel’s whether it is a natural childbirth, c-section or adoption. When I saw the preview of Jennifer Lopez’s new movie, “The Back-Up Plan”, during Super Bowl…I laughed so hard! I could relate and figured I probably sounded like an alien during childbirth too!The movie debuts in a few short weeks and one of my favorite companies will also have their debut on the big screen! The Safe Sippy™ is seen throughout the movie and to celebrate Kid-Basix and CBS Films have teamed up to giveaway a private screening of “The Back-Up Plan” for one lucky winner and up to 50 of their friends, plus a Safe Sippy as seen in the movie!  It is super simple to enter just click here or enter via Twitter and click here. For the full scoop visit their blog but hurry because the sweepstakes ends April 18, 2010…which means the clock is ticking!!!

Are you a blogger? Help promote the giveaway and support the debut of  Safe Sippy™ and you’ll be entered in another giveaway just for bloggers who help spread the word! For all the details on how you can do this as a blogger just click here.

So, tell me your child birth story, did you scream?

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