My book should be here any day (all 2,000 copies) and I’ve been busy fine tuning my marketing plan for how I will not only market myself but my book. In this marketing plan I intend to share with teachers and parents how students can use blogs and how teachers can have classroom blogs. This has sent me on a whirlwind of research.

Microsoft has some great tips for parents on establishing rules, setting screen time, evaluating the blogging service and finding positive examples before launching a blog for a child. Of course there are potential risks involved whenever you let a child online. With my children being so young we have not had to cross that road where they ask to be online but it is only a matter of time. Currently we do not allow them online without us sitting right next to them supervising, this won’t always be the case and so I’m curious how do you handle online safety with your children?

Through my research I have discovered some terrific online videos to help explain to children how they need to be careful what they post online. This one in particular gives me goose bumps and makes me feel a little ill. Tell me how; do you explain to your children what you do online and how they need to stay safe online? Are they on Facebook? Do they have a blog? For more tips on safe blogging for kids and great links and videos visit My Mommy is a Blogger.

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