Most children  like to mimic their parents and my daughter is no different. She watches me like a hawk, which isn’t always good. I’ve caught her talking on her pretend phone while sitting in her pretend car and dancing. Yes, I am embarrassed to admit but I boogie while driving. I’m hoping that over all I’m making the right choices and she is watching me do more then dance while driving.

So next time you get ready to go to the grocery store and load up your reusable bags load up your Kidzsack too. Kidzsack is an eco friendly reusable “fun bag”. It’s not only reusable but it’s an arts and craft bag too. The bag comes with 8 non-toxic washable markers that you use to draw on the bag; there are several bag designs to pick from. You get to reuse the bag for toys, groceries, arts and crafts, and as a coloring book. Your kids color the design on the bag, wash it, dry it, and re-color it.

Kidzsack is proud to state that their bags are made from eco fabric that is made by combining recovered 100% cotton scraps and recycled polyester made from plastic soda bottles. Not only is it great that Kidzsack is reusable and eco friendly but it’s made in the USA.

I love the fact that Kidzsack has so many uses. Your kids can mimic your good behavior by carrying around their own reusable bag, it keeps them entertained while in public/non public place (no more coloring books), it’s great for storing their toys for a trip out of town, and what a great Halloween Bag.

My daughter is at a phase in her development where toys don’t appeal to her as much as arts and crafts so I thought this would be a great product for her to try. While I love the idea I have to admit she did struggle with drawing on the bag, which is probably more my fault then hers. I have continually reinforced that she is not allowed to draw on clothes, walls, herself, the dogs….you get the idea. She was hesitant at first to draw on it but once she knew she wasn’t going to get reprimanded she had a good time and so can you. Besides, using the bag when you head to store next time will role model a great lesson for your child and show her how proud you are to use something she colored!

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