Does your kid want to be and act just like you? My daughter is two years old going on sixteen and wants to carry a cell phone, a purse and type on the computer just like mommy. I try and let her play kid friendly computer games which makes her feel like a big girl and is fun. I’ve been to some great kid friendly sites like PBS and Nick Jr. where they have kid friendly computer games. The games are fun, educational and interactive but it takes a lot of parent participation when you have toddlers. My daughter loves playing the games but doesn’t actually get the satisfaction of completing the game because I have to do it for her.

I was introduced to, a baby and toddler friendly website. KneeBouncers was developed by two dads who were frustrated with the lack of content for their own toddlers on the Internet. They wanted to design a safe and fun online space where children could play, learn and have a feeling of accomplishment. KneeBouncers has over 20 colorful interactive games for kids to play; according to KneeBouncers the games were developed with the help of some early education advisory-all with over twenty years of preschool, kindergarten and literacy in early childhood experience.

I reviewed the site prior to allowing my daughter to play and thought for sure that the games were too young for her age and that she might not enjoy the site. The games seemed appropriate for a 6-9 month old, were really colorful, made fun noises but seemed juvenile for a two year old. Man was I wrong! We were sitting at the airport and she was bored so I whipped out my computer and started up the site. She loved it! She loved the fact that she could play the game by herself and enjoyed the funny animations. All she had to do was choose a game, once she picked the game most any button she pushed would both start and play the game. I had a hard time even writing this post because once she heard the intro music to the site and saw the animations she was bugging me to play again and again. The only problem I had was that my daughter would push the function keys or esc button and then I would have to start the site over.

My daughter and I would definitely recommend this site for a fun, entertaining and educational way to pass time and feel important like mommy and daddy.

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