We all know that a low socioeconomic status is an on going barrier for those who want to eat and live healthy but can’t afford it. The barrier is getting larger and larger as gas prices increase, employment opportunities are squelched and services are cut. Why is my family’s health more important than yours? It’s not! “We” meaning those that have the knowledge and resources to share with those that don’t, need to step up to the plate.

Pic.tv is trying to do just that, offer free information to families that may be suffering financially but want to live greener and eat healthier. Pic.tv has gathered helpful videos, articles and tools on living green, eating organic and saving money and energy to help improve their lives. The problem? Some families might not know about this resource, they might not have the Internet, they might not know how to grow a garden; so what do you do? Show them the site, navigate through it with them, print off articles (if necessary), and answer their questions. Pic.tv does a great job of compiling information; such as 5 ways to save green by growing green, eating organic on a budget and cleaning house the natural way. These articles offers great opportunities for you to segway into conversations and learn more about the person you are helping and about yourself.

In my full time job I work with those in a lower socioeconomic status on a regular basis and it is my responsibility to help them. I am fortunate enough to work for a department that is creative and caring and goes above and beyond for their clients. Many of the families I work with are on state aid or may be unemployed and have been eating and living unhealthy their entire life; so how do you change that? You don’t you give them the power to change it. People want to be empowered they just need a starting point. Some of the clients I work with are provided health information, home economics 101; which allows them to prepare their own healthy foods and basic gardening skills. They get the opportunity to get their hands dirty and grown a community garden with the help of staff.

We need to empower people Just like Pic.tv is trying to do by providing those in need with FREE or cost effective options that keep them healthy and safe.

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