When the box from Korres USA arrived on my door step I was excited to try the skin care products!  I had never heard of Korres which doesn’t suprise me because it’s a Greek skincare brand and it they just introduced their ecommerce site to the USA in July. The company was born out of Athen’s oldest homeeopathic pharmacy and according to the website the company uses herbs and natural ingredients.  The company is working at providing a green ingredient glossary and the company says that they avoid synthetic compounds such as propylene glycol, ethanolamines, and parabens amongst many other. The greatest company mission is to invest in research and new technology as well as having a ongoing partnership with Athens University – the Pharmacology School – to continue exploring Greek flora attributes. Korres happens to be found World Wide – London, Beijing, Madrid, Barcelona and Shanghai and now online so it doesn’t matter where you live! There are over 500 products including makeup, skin care and body care and as a suncare line.

KorresI was lucky enough to review some of their organic skin care products and I have to tell you – I’m in love! I tried the Materia Herba Toning Cleansing Foam and a little goes a long way. The foaming cleanser is very reasonablly priced and washed away my makeup and mascara with just one wash and my face wasn’t dry but felt firm. The website says they use a “certified organic hamamelis floral water’s and certified organic olive leaf” so the skin is left with fresh and glowing, protected fromm internal and external free radical damage. What I know is that the product works well.

I tried the pomegranate cleansing wipes and they’ve become my traveling life safer! The wipes quickly remove make-korresup, they are oil free and not only did I not break out the next day the wipes didn’t dry my skin out like other wipes I have tried in the past. They also smell wonderful and the website claims the pomegranate extract help to “diminish pore size” – which I could use!

My skin is luckily glowing since using the Wild Rose 24-hour moisturizer! I have hyperpigmentation problems and the company claims this will help heal and lighten the skin. I’m pretty sure it is the vitamin c which is making my skin so bright and the the company says the vitamin E helps to promote a healthy complexion and for the last four weeks I have not had one break out – which isn’t common for me.  The product feels like silk when I put it on my skin and I just need a small dab. I only wish that there was more of an SPF rating, 6 isn’t enough for me suffering from hyperpigmentation but I use this day and night right now and really do love how my skin looks and feels.

product-4314-largeAfter washing my face, putting on my Wild Rose moistureizer I have been attempting to skip my foundation and just put some mascara on and lip balm and head out the door – to be a bit more natural. Korres sent me their Provitamin B5 and Rice Bran mascara and this was the one product I was the most skeptical about. I thought it would lump and be tough to wash off. I seem to always have mascara issues but I’ve been pleasently suprised with no lumping, it easily washes off and my lashes look ravishing! After a few quick sweeps of mascara I put on some lip butter that also can be used to tint my cheeks when I’m feeling I need a bit more glow. Truly moisturizing and like some lip balms the product doesn’t taste bad.

I’ve loved reviewing these products and hope that Korres continues to expand their organic skin care line. I’d love to have more options and feel very fortunate to have this company brought to my attention and hope you find some time to browse through their online website to find reasonable priced products. Remember however, natural is not a term that is regulated so as a consumer do some research on the ingredients as well as the background of the company and their mission and story. Visit the Cosmetic Data Base for ingredient safety and set your standards for what you’re comfortable with. Many of the Korres products range 0-6 but there are some high hazardous 7 and above products listed, such as the Korres Honey Moisture – Binding Face Mask. Hopefully companies such as Korres will aim to stay in the 0-2 range and work to reformulate and make their products as safe as possible.

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