We’re all busy but I wanted to share with you five must read blog posts this weekend while your sipping coffee or taking an afternoon break:

1.  Simple Organic talks lightening your hair naturally and boy do I need to take this advice! I’ve always highlighted my hair (ammonia free people) and when I’ve gone back to being “natural” my face looked washed out and everyone asked me to go back to being blond. Anyone else have this problem?

2.  Healthy Child uncovers the common misconceptions about plastic recycling that you must read. Really, I had no idea!

3.  Meat grown in a lab –totally gross but yes true! Check out what Crunchy Domestic Goddess reveals and has to say about this distributing topic!

4.  You know you have a pair of crocs at home – don’t deny it! My pal Kathy from SafeMama wants to talk croc safety and gives her opinion! Love it!

5.  EnviroMom says the oatmeal at McDonalds is a nutritional scam, is it?

Have a great weekend and feel free to share links with me on some good reads for my weekend “breaks”.

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