Is it ever too early to begin making your holiday list, shopping for Christmas bargins and stocking up on sale items? This year I have my eye on a few items from Land of Nod, one of my favorite online stores and yes affilates. I’m trying hard this year to think of what will spark my children’s creativity and imagination and can provide hours of play for those long winter days.

No easy task mind you but I’m making an effort and here is what I have my eyes on this Christmas:

My daughter and son both love to help me make cookies and I’m guessing that if this was under our Christmas tree the children would both have big smiles on their faces.

Kids’ Kitchen & Grocery: Kids Play Cookie Set – Cookie Set

 My son has started to ask questions about what weighs more and why is this light and floats but this is heavy and sinks. Basic science questions that he has started to explore in kindergarten and with mom and dad at home. Encouraging him to problem solve this scale might be a great education holiday gift.

Kids Wooden Toy Scale – Scale 11 x 4

A staple in most preschool and kindergarten classroom, cardboard bricks. My husband has wanted to buy these for our children for a few years now and what’s stopped me is the construction of putting these bricks together. This year I just might have to give in!

Kids’ Classic Toys: Kids Set of 40 Toy Cardboard Brick Building Blocks – Cardboard Bricks (Set of 40)

Two days a week a sitter helps watch my children while I work from home, a perfect blend for our family. With the cold weather coming I can see the need for some extra arts and crafts and I’m hoping Santa can help us deliever these!

Kids’ Arts & Crafts: Kids Jumbo Arts & Crafts Supplies Jar – Art Jar

Make believe everything is what happens at my house. Pretending the rocking horse can fly to the moon or the indoor trampoline is a fishing boat lost at sea…the children use their creativity to create all sorts of scenerios. It is magical to watch and recently they’ve taken to the recycled and reused paper, envelopes and stickers to write notes and letters. I can see this felt mailbox holding many tales, secrets and messages in the years to come.

Everything in childhood is magical or at least it should be. For my son and daughter playing a joke or the wool over moms eyes creates those deep belly laughs every parent loves to hear. My son thinks if he can trick me then he must be the smartest kid in the world. That’s exactly what I want him to think and if Santa brings him some magic tricks I’m sure I’ll hear many deep belly laughs!

Kids’ Imaginary Play: Kids Classic Magic Trick Set – Classic Magic Trick Set

A sense of balance – isn’t that what adults look for? My children had a great time trying to find their balance at our local toy store on this fun toy and if it could keep them occupied while mom shopped for a birthday gift for a friend, I’m hoping it will help me find some balance while I cook dinner and they play! 

Shop till you drop this holiday season or at least let the children pretend shop! Create a grocery store with used boxes and items that you plan to take to the recycling or compost. Let the children create store this holiday season and use reusable bags, make believe dollars and cents and begin teaching them the value of money. A realistic shopping cart such as this one from the Land of Nod should help do the trick and no need to wrap it, just set it under the tree full of other gifts and items!



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