Mother’s Day is only a few days from now and if you’re anything like me – you don’t have a gift for that beloved mom or mother-law. No need to panic. There are some “kinda green” last minute gift ideas to save you from looking foolish.

1.    Tech Savvy Moms and for big spenders you might want to pay extra for two day shipping or overnight shipping (not so green though) and get the new Amazon Kindle 2. Help mom save some trees if she reads a lot of papers or books. She’ll love this gift and maybe you can even borrow it? Keep in mind the pros and cons to this great gift last minute is the shipping and there is some debate on whether this device or others like it are all that green. Another option is a e-certificate for mom to pick out her own Kindle or maybe she likes Ebooks on her laptop or computer and would enjoy a e-certificate from Ecobrain.
2.    Plant a Fruit Tree. If mom has everything she needs and doesn’t need more junk try giving her something that will help other people. In her honor, plant a fruit tree and support a non-profit organization that gives the gift of fresh fruit and sustainability. Mom is sure to appreciate this!
3.    Spa Finder. Let mom find a eco-friendly spa of her choice and the services she would most enjoy for a relaxing day away. This is one gift I would appreciate!
4.    Cook her Favorite Meal or Dessert. Mom’s always have to cook and clean up but instead make a coupon book by hand like you were a child again. Give mom some fun coupons where you will cook her dinner, dessert, do her laundry or pick up her groceries. Make her feel appreciated more than just one day out of the year. She’ll enjoy this fun gift from an adult and it’s likely to bring back some great memories of your childhood!
5.    A CSA Share for Mom. Help mom eat healthy and organic with the gift that keeps on giving for 18 weeks or more! It will be delicious and good for mom and the environment. Find a local CSA near mom in just seconds and if you’re lucky she might share some of those veggies with you and your family!

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