I know women are good at everything but one thing most of us have been forced to do exceptionally well is laundry and take video/pictures. We might not always like those tasks but we are good at it. It’s time that you get rewarded for your gifts, lol.

Method is promoting their Laundry Room Love campaign and they want you to join. Grab your webcam and submit your Laundry Room Love video to Method. You can check out their Facebook “like” the method page and watch the how-to-video for tips on how to submit your video. The first 200 submissions will get a free bottle of method laundry detergent and everyone who watches Method’s how-to-video will get a $2 redeemable coupon for their laundry detergent.

I’ve used Method’s detergent and it’s a great product. I liked the fact that their product is concentrated so it uses less water, their bottles are made of 50% recycled plastic, their product is plant based using 95% natural and renewable ingredients and this is just a few of the benefits.

Now not only do you get to use Method’s great detergent you get to have fun doing what you are forced to be good at. You must submit your video by April 16th, get shooting ladies!

Image: manostphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Why not? Great tips for free!

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