I’m pretty lucky. I live where there are rolling hills, fresh water surrounding me and a gorgeous lavender farm nearby! A farm that originally planted lavender for their honeybees and is grown free of sprays, pesticides or herbicides!

Oh, I love the smell of lilacs!

Besides being beautiful and smelling amazing, lavender has some unique stain fighting capabilities when it comes to my laundry! With two young children and a husband I know all about being at war with t-shirt stains!

The lovely owner of Lavender Hill introduced me to her lavender bar for my stain fighting arsenal and this one bar is certainly all I need now to fight those ketchup, chocolate and grease stains! This natural handmade bar is magic in my hands and boy does it smell great! No nasty chemical sprays for my clothing!

I simply moisten the stained area, rub the lavender bar on the soiled area and toss the clothing in with my other laundry.

That simple.

I promise.

Besides being simple the bar is natural and lifts the stains out of the fabric verses rubbing the stain deeper into the threads of the fabric! No harmful chemicals, your clothes are cleaned safely and this magic bar (that’s what I call it) can last up to 5 years! Simply amazing and did I say it smells G-R-E-A-T?

Get your own lavender bar and have some magic in your laundry room by contacting Lavender Hill and placing a special order – you won’t regret it!

Quick Tip: I also use this bar when I travel! It is easy to pack and great to wash undergarments or fight stains after a restaurant spill when you return to your hotel room!

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