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Last night we attended a super bowl party and for me it was just to socialize and get the kids out of the house. No offense but I’m not a football fan but the food and conversation is always nice. My daughter was having a blast playing with this Elmo guitar. She loved it because of the size and noise. I planned on writing a post about a lead test kit I discovered and decided to find out (again) if any of our toys were on the Mattel Consumer List. Well, I’m in luck none of the toys in my home are on the list but my good friend who’s house we were at had a few and the guitar was one of them!
Yikes! My little girl had it in her mouth most of the night. So what is a mom supposed to do? We can’t walk around testing every toy at every playgroup or every home we go to. I’m not about to carry my own bag of lead free toys either. It’s scary and frustrating. My mom didn’t have to worry about this stuff. So besides giving my friend the print out of all the toys in her home I saw that are chalked full of lead I can’t do much.
Now in my own home I can. I can test the toys I have which brings me to what I had intended on writing about. It’s a lead test kit and for only $50 you can test 100 toys. Now for me I have every hand me down resale shop toy a person can possibly have stocked in my basement. Like I’ve mentioned before I’m an early childhood teacher as well as a business owner. I probably would need a few of these kits! If you’re looking for a great thank you gift for that sitter or you’re ready to see what toys in your home are safe or are not then check into this lead test kit. It could make a huge difference in your life.

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