I am so disappointed. I waited and waited for my Safe Sippy to come and it leaks. I did a review of BPA Free Sippy cups forever ago and The Safe Sippy was completely out of stock, so I’ve been waiting. When the company sent me one, I was out of my mind excited. Us “green moms” we get excited over silly stuff, I know. I washed my daughters cup, filled it with organic apple juice and away she went. Drip. Drip. Drip. All over my floor, sticky juice! What a bummer!  Did the company not test the cup and see it spray and drip everywhere? My daughter would make a great tester!

I thought it was just me until I tweeted about this disappointment and Safe Mama, they felt the same way. Phew, I don’t have a defective cup and it isn’t just me. I learned through my tweet that they are making a new valve and Safe Mama will give that new cup a whirl. I want a new cup, too!!! Childish of me, I know.

Now, when a blogger is sent something for free, some may feel compelled to just give a product or a company a thumbs up. I don’t think too many bloggers do this but they might sugar coat the review because they did get the product for “free” to try.  Many companies might hope this is the case with us, “Mommy bloggers” but I’m not one of those bloggers or people. If I like it, I’ll tell you. If it stinks, I’ll tell you.  I want you, my readers to trust me and companies should respect that honestly and integrity…hence the readership.  I’m not about bashing a company though, for the most part.

The Safe Sippy really has a sleek, slim and nice design. I love it, actually. It’s lightweight and very easy to fit in my small diaper bag. I use it daily, just outside.  If it didn’t leak, I might give it a Green & Clean Mom approval but unless I try the new valve and can tell you it doesn’t leak like crazy, I just can’t recommend you spend your money on this. You’ll be mopping the floor like crazy if you do.  I love the companies mission statement and what they’re doing but it has to not leak for me to say, buy this BPA free cup. If I give the new valve a try,  I for sure will let you know my thoughts and I’m really hoping it won’t leak because again, I love the cup design.

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  1. Thanks for the review….I was considering buying a couple in this round of sippy cup buying.

    DS can get anything to leak….seriously…..so, I don’t need something that starts out leaking.

  2. i got one as well to review and I love it, my kids love it. mine doesn’t leak ?? unless kid shakes it upside down, but honestly mine is not leaking. i was so happy b/c the sigg cups do leak easily when the girls turn them upside down. i will be doing my review soon.

    feeners last blog post..sleep

  3. I always check the valve to make sure it’s in tightly when I fill the cup. It’s generally not the valve that leaks on the Safe Sippy though, leaks happen when the top isn’t screwed on quite straight. (they could improve the design of this part) I always turn mine upside down over the sink and shake it a bit to make sure it’s set to go before giving it to my 12-month old. Overall, I haven’t found a sippy cup I’d prefer to use. The Safe Sippy also has a straw shaped opening which helps mouth muscles develop properly as opposed to the flat opening sippy cups.

  4. Well I have had the same issue with my daughters sippy cups. I have found one that actually works its great BPA free and best off all its doesn't leak. I never thought having a child would be so hard on finding whats best and safe. Its called a nalgene grip'n gulp, http://www.paperandpolkadots.com its a very affordable sippy. They come in four different colors best of all it is guaranteed thru http://www.paperandpolkadotscom. I know i loved it so will you guys.


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