A Review by the new green guru, Rex the Dog

People might not realize but dogs have very fine pallets. Meaning they don’t just eat whatever you put in front of them…okay some of my furry four legged friends, they will eat whatever. I’m not sure why, if they would hold out and not eat the processed hot dog, they might get something better. I held out. Just because Green and Clean Mom wants to me to sit, come or do some silly trick doesn’t mean I will do it for a piece of gross cheese. No, I want delectable treats that are good for me. I know, she said I eat toilet paper but I’m not going to admit this and all I will say in my defense, a dog gets bored.

Enough said. this Green and Clean dog is loving the treats from Leash We Can Do. I mean loving! I love to play and run around in the yard marking my territory on every tree I can find but when the door opens and I smell the Stella Carnivore Kisses and hear the jar shakin’…I can’t run fast enough. I’m learning to love the Sweet Potato Dog Chewz, at first I just sniffed them and wondered what they were all about but now I like to chew on them, soften them up and then they are just right. I’m certain your best friend will love these treats too. Note, I said best friend because we really are. We love you no matter what you do and just because we can’t “talk” doesn’t mean we don’t see you do stupid stuff.

Don’t do something stupid this holiday season and buy your cat or dog pal a gift that isn’t good for them. Give a dog or cat something earth friendly and safe for them to play with. I love my Planet Orbee-Tuff ball. The kids throw it all over the house and it bounces like crazy. The West Paw Eco dog bone I have from Leash We Can Do, it’s made out of recycled soda bottles. I like to chew on soda bottles, I found one in the garage the other day but this plush toys squeaks and is more fun.

Do your holiday shopping with Leash We Can Do and this green guru of a dog…guarantees you…paws down, that you’ll make someone very happy on Christmas Day. I’m hoping for some for of those Carnivore Kisses.Yum! Buy a gift set and a portion of the proceeds go towards Pets for the Environment.

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