I’ve lost my motivation. Isn’t that how it goes? This week I am the same.  Not thinner, leaner, smaller by any means. Just the same which I suppose is better than being larger.

Trying to be smaller is no fun.

Well, it is fun when I shrink but today there is no shrinking which means it is no fun.

So now what?

You’re not going to listen to me whine. Boohoo, get over it is probably what you’re saying in your head. And I agree. This mama has to pull up her boot straps and get back on the horse. Here are some tips I’m giving myself this week to help myself get over this one week set-back…

4 Ways to Get Over It and Move On:

Stop Crying. Seriously, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Wipe off the tears, look in the mirror and say 5 nice things about yourself. Repeat.

Focus on the Positive. Okay, so you’ve fallen and falling hurts. The hurt goes away sooner or later but looking at your battle wounds won’t make you feel any better. If you skin your knee be happy you didn’t crack your head.  That saying about lemons and lemonade is true. For me, I have to focus on the fact that I didn’t gain weight or my pants still fit, just not the ones I want to fit <yet>.

Find a Role Model. Who do you aspire to be? Who has determination, drive and motivation that you want. What obstacles have they overcome that can inspire you. Maybe this role model is a neighbor, family member, and friend or yes even a celebrity. Whoever they are how does this person inspire you?

Cut Yourself Some Slack.  Work was rough this week and you’re a nervous stress eater. So forgive, learn from your mistake and next week when there is stress run it off or find a healthier alternative to chips and chocolate.  We all have bad days and bad weeks but beating yourself up won’t make it better.

Any other tips for dealing with a weight loss set back?

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  1. It’s easy to let a setback make use just stop trying completely.  But, what I always tell myself is that I didn’t gain all of the weight and one week or one month or even 6 months and it’s silly for me to think that it will magically come off super fast.

    Also, if you’ve been exercising you may be building muscle – muscle weighs more than fat so you could have made progress even though the scale doesn’t say that you have.  I pay some attention to the scale but find that way my clothes fit or what my measurements are to be much more important.

  2. My kids, I think caused me to gain weight, I’ve been trying to lose the weight, but it keeps finding me. Good thing I found some good free calculators for BMI, BMR, LBM, and Calories Burned at http://HowToGainWeight123.com/calculators Now I dial in my stats get how many calories I’m using and adjust my diet to that amout of calories 🙂


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