I stumbled upon this site, Project Laundry List, a few months back while getting ready to do a presentation for Zonta on how to be a Shade of Green this New Year. I have fond memories hanging clothes out to dry and playing hide and go seek behind the sheets and towels. As I got older I vowed to never hang my clothes out to dry because I didn’t like how stiff the towels were or the sheets. Now I’m older and I don’t hang my clothes out to dry but it’s mostly because I’m lazy, we don’t have a clothesline and we have horrible bugs that end up coming in with the clothes.

This, however, has some negative ecological impacts and for that reason when the snow melts I will do my best to hang clothes outside. First I need a clothesline! Do you have one? I have natural, non-toxic concentrate laundry soap that rocks but no clothesline.

Doing laundry can be a huge waste of electricity and cost you a lot of money. Some tips to help the environment and your wallet:

  • Clean your lint filter
  • Clean your exhaust of the dryer
  • Wash in cold water
  • Don’t pack the dryer fill it
  • Use the automatic cycles and dry times
  • Dry two loads, one after another because the dryer is already hot
  • Buy a washer and dryer that has a energy efficient rating/star
  • Gas is cheaper than electric washer and dyers
  • Best of all use the sun and the wind

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