How to Enjoy Summertime With Your Kids #summer #parenting

My house is so quiet and calm. I’m sure I have something to do. Something to clean, fold or scrub. There’s a drawer to organize, a cobweb to dust and a dish to put away. I’m sure there’s a bill to pay, a plant to water and plenty of files to file. There’s always something to do. Instead I’m pounding away on my keyboard. The moment is just right for me. There’s a post in my head, words that want to come out.

I had plenty to do yesterday too. Just like today.

Instead I chose to not do what need to be done and to just be. I said yes to my son instead of no. He should have gone to day camp and I should have worked my regular hours but that didn’t happen. I worked unconventional hours instead and that is okay. He wanted a friend over, I said yes. He wanted to go fishing and play by the stream. Sure!

So we did just that and for hours and hours. I brought a book and they played. I didn’t set a time frame or tell them they had five minutes. I set no perimeters, I just let them be kids and I supervised.

They joked.

They ran and skipped and got dirty and wet.


I smiled. I laughed a good belly laugh or two watching them play and be kids. I reminisced about my own childhood of playing outside with no care in the world for what time it was. I remembered being dirty and not even wanting to come in for lunch or dinner, I was having too much fun. My childhood memories are exactly why I don’t have strict summer schedules with homework and programming for my kids – I want them to just be kids.

It felt good to just let the cobwebs be and the files that needed to be filed sit on my desk. There’s always going to be a to-do list but sometimes it feels good to just let it go and enjoy the moment. To say yes to my kids and smile while they’re in their element and to enjoy them while they’re young and having fun making grass boats and playing tag with their friends.

It can’t happen every day but when you can – let it go. It will be there tomorrow. Enjoy today.

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