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Ahhh, nature. An open window and fresh air. When my dog tinkles on the floor that doesn’t always work though. When my daughter has a major blow out in her diaper, an open window isn’t enough. When I burn dinner and I’m trying to cover up my mistake nature doesn’t alway help me.

Ahhh, but I do love nature.

So what are the alternatives for a green mom that doesn’t buy the sprays full of toxic chemicals and fake smells? I don’t buy those plug in things or burn candles because most of the wicks are made of led and they give off a horrible fake odor. What can I do? Fresh Wave is the answer and it works like magic, promise. Fresh Wave products don’t mask odor but instead they neutralize them, safely. Too good to be true, I know…it seems that way. Except, Fresh Wave products are chemical free, made of simple ingredients: natural extracts of lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove, cedar wood and soya. They are safe to use around kids and pets and what happens is really science. Yes, science! I’m not going to explain this part of the product because I stink at science (kinda sorta but not really) but you can check it out by clicking here.

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I tried the Fresh Wave All Natural Odor Neutralizing Spray after my little girls stinky diaper and a few sprays and ta-da the odor was gone. It was nice to not have the stinky smell linger. My hubby’s work boots stink horribly (sorry honey, they do) and I just spray them and the odor is gone. The spray is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-aerosol and biodegradable. In other words, I can spray till my hearts content! Then there is the damp and musty basement, where my office is located. I put a jar of the Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Crystals on the window sill and now my office isn’t musty. I’m taking a whiff as I type this and it smells clean but not fake clean! My next mission was the bathroom where my husband likes to retreat to in the evening (I know too much information) but if I gave him the spray, he’d never remember. I could use the crystals but what about lighting the Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Candle? It’s soy, all natural and has 40 hours of burning time with a led free wick. Mission accomplished, I light the candle when he comes home and blow it out at bedtime.

I really want to try the Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Carpet Shake with this new piddle dee piddle dumb puppy I have but love so much! There is finally a solution besides opening up my windows, having fresh flowers or using baking soda to help get rid of odors. I have good news, three G&CM newsletter subscribers will have a chance to win a gift bag with 2 8 oz Fresh Wave Sprays, 1 16 oz Gel and 1 6.5 oz soy candle. A retail value of over $48.00! All you have to do is subscribe but make sure you check out the G&CM official rules first.

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