Let your pet play hard but stay cool this summer! Living in Northern Michigan I have to admit, I am a bit of a hermit, until summer hits. Now that longer and warmer days have arrived I can enjoy the great outdoors. I have a family of 6, which includes my husband, 1 kid, 3 dogs and myself. This is the time of year that we can stay outside for hours and enjoy boating, running, walking and just sitting around outside with our family, which includes the dogs.  Thanks to the great products from Petmate  our dogs have gotten to play a little harder and stay a little cooler this summer.

JW Playbites Caterpillar

JW Playbites Caterpillar tough dog toy from Petmate #Dogs #petsOur Australian Sheppard, Pepper, may be the youngest but she sure is the pack leader. Pepper is 6 months old and full of spunk. She has taken over the JW Playbites chew toy from and the ball from Chuckit Firefly LED ball. She loved the JW PlayBites caterpillar toy and so do we because it kept her busy for long periods of time. The toy is designed to hold dog treats and entertain her, which it did. The small dog biscuits fit in the opening easily and didn’t fall out, which she loved and so did our neighbor dog. Because it was such a hit with the dogs it got stolen by our neighbor’s dog the minute pepper stopped guarding it. Hopefully it will get returned because it was a favorite among the dogs and kept our mind at ease because it was safe to chew on. The product is certified non-toxic and made of soft durable rubber verses hard plastic.

Aspen pet cooling mat

Our 12 year old Labrador, Hailey, has claimed the cooling pad.  Hailey just enjoys lying around and her old bones need some extra cushion and cooling. She loves laying on the cooling pad and taking a snooze on a long summer day. We have had below average temperatures this year but she still enjoys lying on her pad and staying extra cool. As you know hot summer days can not only be dangerous to kids and adults but pets as well. Aspen pet cooling mat provides cooling relief on hot summer days or for those that live in warmer climates. Aspen pet reports that the coKeeping your pets cool this summer with a Aspen pet cooling mat. #Pets #Dogoling gel is engineered to absorb a pets body heat, which helps keep them cool and give them some relief. The nice thing about the mat is that it is soft, easy to clean and ready to go as soon as you pull it out of the box. You don’t have to refrigerate it or plug it in to anything which makes it easy to travel with and take on camping adventures or car rides (please don’t ever leave your dog in a warm vehicle unattended).  I also like the fact that the product is toxic free but I don’t’ know if I would recommend it for dogs that chew a lot due to the gel inside. I would want to know more about what the gel contains first.  We have the 20 x 16″ mat which is affordable and great but for a dog our sizes we would definitely want to look into something larger.

Chuckit Firefly LED ball

While Hailey lays around a lot Pepper and our 2 year old Labrador, Addie, never stop running, playing and jumping, so they are enjoying the Chuckit Firefly LED ball.  Labrador’s are known for retrieving so Addie loves running and retrieving the ball, while Pepper just likes to run no matter what.  I love the idea that this ball lights up and changes colors for easy retrieving and fun.  If you aren’t using it and forget about it, it will automatically turn off after 20 seconds. It’s easy to use, durable and fun for dogs and kids alike. Kids love anything that glows so this is a hit with my 6 year old as well.  Because my daughter has no siblings she has no one to compete or fight with so I warn you this is a toy that may cause competition among children and pets (smile).  The ball is very durable and is made from translucent TPR construction which is usually light in weight, has good tear strength, flexible on low temperature, weather resistant, reusable and recyclable.

So enjoy your summer and let your dogs do the same with fun and safe toys from Petmate.

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