Enjoying the outdoors and sunshine for mental clarity! #ParkYourThirst

The sun is shining today and my feet are tapping, anxious for it to warm up a bit so I can hit the pavement t and go for a walk. It’s crazy how many hours I spend inside at my desk and occasionally looking up to catch a bird flying from tree to tree or to notice the shape of a cloud. It’s no wonder I’m deficient in vitamin D! When I go for a walk, hit the local parks and climb the sand dunes or hit the trails with my kids I not only feel better but I can think better. Sadly enough when HONEST Tea surveyed 2,000 people across the country they learned that 54% of Americans were not like me, wishing they spent more time outside and 41% said they go to the park to get away from the hustle and bustle, and restore mental clarity.

Raising hand! This is exactly how I feel! Unfortunately, I live where there is so much snow and cold weather that hitting the park or getting outside isn’t always an option or at least for long periods of time. But every bit of fresh air helps, even just to snowshoe or sit on a snowbank and enjoy the sunshine. Thankfully, the snow is melting and the trails are open and the parks are beginning to show signs of life where I live! I am so excited! I can’t wait to have picnics with the kids and go camping again! Top of my list this summer is a park near me called Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park oh and of course I want to visit Pictured Rocks National Park this summer too! I want to visit them all and there are too many to list!

#ParkYourThirst this spring and summer for outdoor fun and mental clarity!

#ParkYourThirst Twitter Party

If you’re like me and the thousands surveyed that like to get outdoors and hit the parks for fresh air this spring and summer, I invite you to join me and the HONEST Tea & National Park Foundation on Thursday, April 10th from 8pm-9pm EST on Twitter using #PARKYOUR THIRST and let’s talk about your favorite parks to visit and what you enjoy doing most when you go to the park. Do you like to read a book on the bench, play Frisbee with the dog or ride your bike? How about a picnic and of course you’re going to pack some HONEST Tea, right? We’ll be rewarding people for taking a “selfie” pic enjoying any park via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #PARKYourThirst. This is your chance to hit the park and enjoy some fresh air and take that “selfie” and you’ll be automatically entered to win a 30 day supply of HONEST Tea + an annual park pass to any national park ($95 value)!

So join me on Thursday night (follow @greenmom, @Honest Tea and @GoParks) but in the meantime grab a bottle of your favorite HONEST Tea (mine is the peach white tea)and get outside and go the park for some fresh air and sunshine!

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