The quest for perfection, it’s something that we don’t even realize we’re doing. At least I don’t. I mean yes, I’m a perfectionist but I don’t realize the subliminal messages that are being fed to me every day through the media. You know the ones. The ones that show women waking up looking refreshed, with lipstick on and their hair all curled.  Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, magazines, billboards, commercials and television shows – they all portray a sense of perfection. Without realizing it, we begin to think we should look like an airbrushed model. That our child will sit in a high chair eating their peas and carrots without throwing them on the floor and mashing them.

That isn’t reality. In fact, there are some grim stats on how social media makes people feel worse about themselves and can even cause depression.  And of course it does because we see people looking perfect and having perfect lives. Neat homes, yards perfectly manicured, fancy vacations, smiling children and over airbrushed selfies. A snapshot that someone carefully took so that you could see only what they WANTED you to see but duh, aren’t we all guilty of that? I mean, really why would I want you to see what I look like when I wake up?

The truth is it’s because I look like this.

Bed head. Don’t lie you look like this too when you wake up.

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It’s ugly. It’s scary. It’s real. And so are you, you are real with plenty of imperfections! We’ve all got the same crusty stuff in the corner of our eyes and lack sleep because we’re parents. This is why I love the book; Parenting is Easy by, Sara Given. She takes “PERFECT” photos that advertisers try to sell to us and adds a funny text to the images. As though a real mother would be calm and put together in EVERY situation. It’s comical really!

Here’s a quick example and I love this page. Who feeds their toddler baby food on a white sofa while holding another child? A staged photo because we all know that reality would mean baby food smeared everywhere and mom screaming. The sofa would no longer be WHITE.

Sneak Peak at the book, Parenting is Easy by Sara Given

This book is well worth picking up and will make you smile. It also shares an important message: these perfect images and perceptions are absurd.

Let’s be real and post reality. Here’s my reality, I didn’t make a perfect four course meal for dinner last night. This is what my kids ate and you know what, it was the best I could do and that is OKAY. Sometimes good enough is okay.

The reality of what is for dinner some night and that good enough is okay. We can't all be perfect like the stock photos!

Post your reality here in the comments or tag me @sommerpoquette on Instagram.  Also, visit Sarah’s tumbler blog, you’ll love it!

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