Last night I was in bed reading how to have Sex in a Tent and my husband is snoring (loudly). I’m not a tent fan and I have to admit the idea of trying to get my groove on with rocks and sticks under me, doesn’t really appeal to me but it has to be better than reading about it but not getting any! The book caught my attention just by the title alone and seeing that I’ve been writing about camping all week I felt compelled to review the book, for the sake of my readers. I make so many sacrifices, I tell you! Eye roll.

If you’re a camper, maybe you want to try camping, you need to be convinced to try tent camping or sleeping under the stars OR you just need a little va-va-boom in the love department…this is your book! It talks about sex baby, it talks about you and me, it talks about all the good things and the bad things that may be, lets talk about sex! (Sorry if I’ve got you singing this song now).

I’m not going to go into the niddy gridy details of tent tango and getting naughty with nature or ways to make things a little more comfortable. I’ll let you read about all that stuff but I will tell you that the book has more to offer than just how-to advise and instructions. Besides being completely humorous, offering some funny illustrations and great personal stories it actually address some major concerns, offers suggestions for actually helping to get in the mood, places to go for romantic camping, camping essentials and lists of items you might want to bring for the ultimate experience.

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Sex in a Tent by, Michelle Waitzman, walks you through how to convince your reluctant partner (that is me) to why going on a camping trip is romantic (no t.v., distractions, kids, routine, etc.). Even though the “technical difficulties” are addressed it’s how to get to the point of wanting to have the “technical difficulties”. Yes, I mean foreplay like fun sexy tent games such as strip tease battleship or playing doctor…hello! Ways to plan a successful trip that won’t ruin the relationship (that would happen to me) and tricks for not smelling and being a turn off (that would be my snoring husband). Girly issues are addressed and so are romantic meals and eating to keep up your energy so you don’t snore and miss out on what could be!

So for your next vacation or weekend away without the children you might want to consider lathering on bug repellent verses sun tan lotion on your sweetie. Sounds gross but after you read this book you might not think so. Wink. Wink. I’m still voting for RV sex verses tent sex but that’s just me!

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