Lemon juice to help lighten age spots. #natural

I have age spots. It’s true and unless I’m using foundation or editing my photos you can see them. I am not getting younger and most over the counter products are costly or full of nasty ingredients I don’t trust. Fortunately there’s good old fashion lemon juice. Yes, lemon juice. My grandmother used to use lemon juice on her skin, her hair and for many other home remedies.

Using lemon juice could help to lighten your age spots, the same as the over the counter products with chemicals but you have to be consistent, don’t expect anything to happen overnight!

  1. Exfoliate your skin regularly to diminish the look of age spots. Check out this natural skin exfoliation recipe to further save money and avoid the over the counter products with chemicals. After exfoliating, rub a cut lemon and 1/2 teaspoon sugar over the skin for several minutes. Do this once a week and you’ll soon notice the spots are fading. Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis also helps to lighten your skin because it sheds the loose dead skin; the dead skin cells that are often making your skin appear dull or darker. Just do not over exfoliate!
  2. Take a slice of lemon and apply it directly to the area you want lightened. Leave the lemon there for a minimum of ten minutes. Repeat this once a week and you should begin to see the age spots fade. The lemon juice is high in Vitamin C which has been said to help reduce melanin in your skin, it’s why you see so many products now contain Vitamin C! It also contains plenty of other healthy vitamins which is why I often add it to my water, it’s good for my skin in more than one way!
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Don’t try to rush the process when using lemon juice to lighten age spots. Any treatment, natural or otherwise, will likely take at least two weeks before you notice a difference. The age spots didn’t appear over night, it’s unlikely they’ll disappear that quickly so be patient but diligent.

Remember, while you’re trying to reduce the appearance of age spots by using lemon juice, it’s important to limit the amount of sun exposure your skin gets. Give your skin a chance by staying out of the sun as much as possible and don’t forget your sunscreen…this is imperative!

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  1. I have never heard of this before – I’m so intrigued by the idea. I don’t “really” have them yet but I know I will one day. Thanks, Sommer!

  2. You bet Michelle. It works but I have to use it regularly. I have discolaration on my lip and the doctor mentioned trying it!

  3. Good tip, I’ve got lots of age spots already – it’s hard not to overly fixate on it! I will try this out. In my family we fondly refer to these spots on our upper lip as “the freckle stash” ha!

  4. I think staying out of the sun is a given if you want to get rid of sun spots, hey? Not my strong point because I love the sun. I like to use the lemon at night not during the day. =)


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