Beth from Fake Plastic Fish emailed me a thought provoking question for an article she is writing for BlogHer:

“What’s the #1 most important thing we can do to protect life on planet earth?”


Start to type. Stop. Delete. Start over. Delete again.

Not an easy question to answer but as an educator and parent I am going to say:

Be a role model for others and for future generations.

I’m only on this planet for a short while but I hope with all my heart I can help inspire, motivate and encourage others to make small changes because of my words and actions. I believe that when we role model good behavior toward mankind and our environment it is like a smile, contagious. Our children especially need to know the value of our environment and how to respect planet earth so they can become role models and teach their children.

I grow a garden.

I recycle.

I drive less and ride a bike.

I consume less.

I reuse.

I buy eco-friendly products without harmful toxins for healthy living.

I turn off the lights.

I have a voice on environmental issues and toxic chemical laws and reform.

My children learn these habits.

My children hear.

My children see.

My children will do and teach.

So smile. Teach. Live.

Others will smile, learn by example and teach.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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